Adolfo Dominguez Fernandez – Biography of Adolfo Dominguez Fernandez

Adolfo Dominguez Fernandez is an acquaintance Spanish businessman born in Puebla de Trives, Orense, on May 14, 1950.

The first years of his life were spent with his parents in the tailoring workshop that they both ran. After a while, they decided to move to Santiago de Compostela, where he studied Philosophy and Letters.

After completing his studies, Adolfo traveled to Paris and London where he contacted the environmental movement and at the same time, he learned more about cinema and art.

It was the 70s and he decides to return to his hometown to create your own textile company, opening his first store called simply Adolfo Dominguez, at present, this would become the line AD Man.

In the beginning everything was slow but the arrival of the new decade would be much better, since its brand begins to become more known. Line appears AD Female and it is advertised on the catwalks in Madrid and Paris. From there, new stores are opened in the capital of Spain and in Barcelona.

Acquire greater relevance and fame when your brand becomes the in charge of dressing the protagonists from the hit North American series Miami Vice.

After the great success, Adolfo risks launch your new perfume collection that also bear his name, becoming the first designer to do so. He also dares to enter the world of accessories such as glasses, leather goods and underwear.

With all this, Adolfo Dominguez opens his first store outside of Spain, in Portugal.

In 1997 his company became the first fashion house in Spain to go public. In 2000, they would be launching new lines for sale such as U Boy and Girl, AD + and Adolfo Dominguez Children.

In the year 2006 receives the award for the best summer collection of the Valencia International Children’s Fashion Fair (FIMI).

Regarding his personal life, Adolfo is married to Elena Gonzales Alvarez placeholder image, who is today a member of the firm’s Board of Directors, the couple has three daughters Tiziana, Adriana and Valeria, who are an active part of the company.

Tiziana, the eldest daughter, is the Director of the Corporate Social Responsibility department and of the creative part of the design area.

Among his many accolades are the Lifetime Achievement, which he received in the Miami fashion Week, in recognition of his achievements within the world of fashion, he was also awarded The Golden Needle as a prize for his great cultural contribution and artistic creation, by the Ministry of Culture of Spain.

Currently, he lives in the Galician city and is in charge of the presidency of his already international company, which has a little more than 600 stores worldwide.