Snapseed gets “Dark Theme” on Android Update After One Long YearFigure 1 Google Play Snapseed Google’s Mobile Photo Editor App plans to roll out its first Android update to improve user experience after a full year. The latest update will be to version 2.19 of Snapseed. In the new update this application’s users will receive an original dark theme that they can turn on and off as they please. The update will also render Android Oreo’s adaptive icons support for the mobile photo editor program. The mobile photo editor application has matured a lot since Google acquired Snapseed back in 2012, and has seen noticeable changes. The Mobile App is now known as a free ‘ pro-level ‘ photo editor. The photo editor is different from other options available in the PlayStore as it allows users to process raw images aside from adding simple filters on the images from your gallery. Snapseed can also run .dng files that you can process according to your preferences. The content creator has already faced two bogus attacks, with the scammers threatening him with a third strike to take down his site. Google has not yet made an official statement on the scam, and action against the scammers is still to be taken. YouTube has a three-strike system that serves as a deterrent to punish YouTubers who post content that is not in line with the terms of the video sharing site. With millions of content creators posting videos on the web scammers have found a way to exploit the strike system to extort money from them. Scammers pose as legitimate copyright holders and file two false claims about a third strike before contacting content creators directly on YouTube. Content creators are being asked to pay cash to avoid a third strike that would result in YouTube shutting down their channels. Content creators want the forum to avoid getting their channels blocked. .454 YouTube content maker ObbyRaidz has announced that due to the scam he could get his third strike on the site. Two bogus strikes against him have already been filed, and a third strike from the scammers is imminent. Earlier today, he released a video explaining the scam. Scammers have asked him to pay via Bitcoin or PayPal unless he wants his channel blocked. ObbyRaidz received messages saying that “Our payment is either $150 PayPal or $75Btc(Bitcoin). You can send the money by goods / services if you don’t think we’re going to cancel or keep our deal out. When our payment is received we cancel both strikes on your site. Once – if we don’t, you’re free to charge back but we assure you we’re going to. “Since contacting YouTube ObbyRaidz so far, no assistance has been provided. If his channel is taken down, he will have to apply his case for review and reinstate his account. The blackmail scam is criminal in nature and if Google takes action against the people behind it, it remains to be seen.

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