Aaron Williams – Aaron Williams Biography

Aaron williams
is a well-known basketball player of American origin, famous for his current participation with Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association.

Aaron Williams was born on October 2, 1971 in the city of Evanston, located within the state of Illinois, USA.

On the field of play he performs as Center although occasionally he has been seen playing as Forward. His height is 2.08 meters and he weighs approximately 196 kilograms. He usually wears shirt number 34.

He entered the Xavier University to study criminal justice and after four years of arduous study he got a degree in that career. He also joined the basketball team after taking the relevant tests.

By not receiving an invitation to the NBA draft left to play in Europe with the Teorematou Milano first and then with him Grand rapid hoops of the CBA.

The team that decided to give him a contract was the Utah Jazz, averaging 1993. Once the season is over 1993-94 decided to sell it to Milwauke bucks.

During the season 1994-95 the Bucks gave him place in 15 minor encounters, and soon after they decided to send him to Europe for you to gain more gaming experience.

So it was that for much of the season 1995-96 played for him Ambelokipi from Greece, and then return to the USA and play with him Connecticut Pride of the CBA.

A short time later, the Seattle SuperSonics who decided to hire him, although unfortunately a series of injuries left him out of great partre of the games of the ’97.

In the season 1999-2000 was sold to Washington Wizards where he was able to average 7.6 points and 5 rebounds per game, playing 81 games for the first time in the NBA.

Without cutting his transfer streak, in the season 2000-01 was sold to New Jersey Nets where he played all 82 regular games, being the only one on the team to do so.

From that moment he played with the Nets almost all the parties, although very few times it obtained the title. Finally the December 17, 2004 was sold to Toronto raptors as part of the payment for the player Vince carter.

With the Raptors played a total of 42 games in the second half of the season 2004-05 and the following year it was sold again. This time it was the New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets who bought it.

To finalize all these transfers, the July 31, 2006 signed a free agent contract with Los Angeles Clippers and he is in charge of training the new hires.

He is currently one of the longest-lived players in the NBA and he has three children with his wife Heather. They are Danyelle Y Cameron, the two girls, and the little one Aaron Jr.