9 Apple Rumors From Last Week: iPhone iPad and MoreWhen the pair split, they agreed to share their one daughter’s custody: Ava. Yet Pacheco made other requests including some very high amounts of child support and spousal support, and begged Renner to cover her moving expenses and provide her with a car.

Sonni Pacheco made some surprising allegations against Jeremy Renner

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sonni Pacheco (@sonnipachecoart) on Apr 10, 2019 at 4:45 pm PDT According to TMZ Pacheco is now suing for the sole custody of their daughter Ava. He says Renner is an abusive father who abusses drugs is mentally ill and can’t provide her child with a safe and caring environment. She continues to argue that Renner has put illegal drugs beyond their child’s reach and threatened to kill himself and his ex-wife. Renner has countered her allegations with his own claims, and plans to wait for the court to prove that the claims made by Pacheco are baseless. Jeremy Renner was very straightforward on his goals if I were a lion, that would be my pride. I don’t have a lion, but fuckin’ I PROUD!!! # familytime # allthetime # sunfun # strength # bond # unflappable A post shared by Jeremy Renner (@renner4real) on Oct 7, 2018 at 2:14pm PDT Renner’s lawyers released a statement stating that he plans to battle Pacheco’s claims because his friendship with his daughter is his number one priority. “His daughter Ava’s well-being has always been and continues to be Jeremy’s primary focus” his lawyer said. “This is a matter for determination by the court. It’s important to remember that the dramatizations contained in Sonni’s argument are a one-sided account made with a particular target in mind.” Pacheco’s “one-sided” charges hit Renner’s hard-statements like his assertions that being a father gave him “the gift of focus” and remained the “best role he’s had to date.” Renner’s supporters have started holding a torch for him saying that Marvel wants to use common sense to back up the idea that one is innocent until proven guilty. Supporters rally behind Renner under a custom hashtag “# istandwithjeremyrenner” as he fights to hold his daughter’s joint custody. We are going to wait and see if Hawkeye can maintain its attention throughout the course of the court proceedings. Fans are optimistic he can make his name clear.

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