8 warm-up exercises before exercising

Before practicing sports or any physical or aerobic activity, it is essential to start with a good warm-up to prepare muscles and avoid possible injuries.

The main objective of the warm-up exercises before exercising It is raising the temperature so that the muscles and joints are activated and prepared for the effort that follows.

To warm up the body, just create a table of different exercises that they begin to activate all the muscles, from the neck to the feet.

1. General heating

It is advisable to do a general warming before performing any sporting activity that does not involve much intensity. The idea is that both the cardiovascular system and the joint and muscle groups of the body are prepared. A good example of a general warm-up would be doing a Gentle trot without moving from the site.

2. Neck stretch

For stretch your neck it is enough to have the head aligned with the spine and to do different sessions of movements, always slowly and deliberately to avoid possible dizziness. For example, move the head back and forth until the chin touches the chest area. Then move your head from side to side. Lastly, perform 360º rotational movements with the neck.

3. Shoulder rotation

This exercise is done still and with a straight back. In this position, rotate the extended arms forward and then back. The arms are then bent horizontally to rotate the shoulders forward and then back. Thus, the muscles located in the dorsal area will also be activated.

4. Exercise associated with the stomach and digestive system

Another of the warm-up exercises before exercising It consists of lying on the floor and, with the legs bent (the heels must touch the buttocks) and the arms extended, raise the knees towards the chest and maintain this posture for several seconds.

5. Warm-up waist and lower back

Place the arms at the waist and successively rotate the trunk from one side to the other (try to obtain the greatest possible angle of rotation). After performing several sets, bring your legs together, arch your trunk forward and try to touch the tips of your feet with your hands.

6. Leg exercises

With feet together and arms extended, squat down and stand up until the body is straight. Another exercise is to keep the trunk straight with the legs spread. In this position, bend one leg with the knee forward, while the other remains fully extended.

7. Calf exercise

In this warm-up exercise, the legs should stay together and the neck stretched out. In that position you have to try to get up on your toes and hold for a few seconds until you come back down.

8. Ankle exercise

The toe of the foot must be placed in a vertical position and in that position a 360º turn with the ankle must be made. Repeat the exercise with the other foot.

It is a common session of warm-up exercises before exercising, whose duration does not exceed ten minutes. It is convenient not to force, just wait for the muscles to gain flexibility over time. Be that as it may, none of the movements to be carried out should hinder breathing or hinder blood circulation.