7 Signs That Your

7 Signs That Your Phone is Tapped Jess Bolluyt More Articles September 01 2016 Person looks out at the Hudson River | Spencer Platt/Getty Images Whether you’re a secret agent or an undercover operative then you’re actually living an undercover operator. You are typically outfitted with weapons and equipment for clothes cars that the rest of us can not afford. So you probably know more than a person with a more traditional — may we say dull — job of getting the winner out in a car chase robbing an art museum without getting caught out of hand-to-hand combat with nothing more than a skillfully positioned scratch detecting secret passages so tracking your target by low-tech and high-tech means. 2.

Excessive battery drain

Sacre Couer in Paris Odd Andersen / AFP / Getty Images Excessive battery drain

Sacre Couer in Paris Odd Andersen / AFP / Getty Images The high-tech applications you need to monitor your goal or bypass your rival’s security system are possibly draining the battery on your smartphone. But if you notice that the battery of your phone unexpectedly has less power than normal, this may be an indication that your adversary has been planting some malware that accesses your phone. Nonetheless, bear in mind that this is more likely to happen with cheap spyware than with the pricy solutions that villains of the world class are likely to pick. So unless your competitor is less than a major league — unlikely given your status in the international intelligence community — the battery drain may also be a symptom of an aging computer. Your best bet is to contact your Replacement Officer. 3. Persistent background noise

People walk at sunset on a bridge over the Seine River in Paris Ludovic Marin / AFP / Getty Images Especially in areas with less than optimal cell coverage background noise on the phone calls you have to make and take is an undercover fact of life. Which ensures which mild background noise is not something to be concerned about in most situations. Yet constant background noise in the form of repetitive clicking or beeping echoes can be a warning that someone listens in on your calls. Like a mask that has outlived its usefulness and becomes a liability or a dead body that needs to be disposed of, this is a device you want to leave behind and as quickly as possible.

Woman stands on the shore of a river Ozan Kose / AFP / Getty Images You’re a spy and a world-class operator that contains odd messages and unusual calls. But if you start noticing very odd text messages — those with random characters and unusual symbols — that might be an sign that your competitor or rival is tapping your phone. Spy software that can access your phone remotely also sends coded text messages to your phone and you would be able to see any of the messages if that program malfunctions. If strange messages become a regular occurrence that could be an sign that your phone is being tapped. This is possibly the end of the road for you and your smartphone unless your grand plan includes making your enemy believe he is secretly spying on your location or your communications. 5.

Unexpectedly high data use Posting at sunset next to Harley Davidson motorbike Fadel Senna / AFP / Getty Images A steeper-than-expected data bill is probably the least of your worries when you have a criminal near on your trail or you have to save the planet from a ticking time bomb. But if your phone suddenly uses much more data than normal that could be a red flag (barring any hour-long Minecraft Pokà © mon GO games or whatever game is common among foreign mystery men and women). Some spyware will use extra data to send the data it gathers to anyone who watches the movements — though this again is more popular for cheap programs than sophisticated software. A sudden and substantial spike in data usage may be a sign that something is wrong and you should replace your ASAP phone if you want to remain one step ahead of your competitor. 6.

High mobile temperature

While you’re doing high-stakes business in a foreign city or attempting to go undetected at your opponent’s facilities, keeping track about what your phone is doing may not be your top priority. But if you think your phone is being tapped make a point of regularly testing its temperature when you’ve been doing something else. If the phone feels hot to the touch, your phone can continue running software you haven’t approved — something you don’t want to deal with as you’re trying to put the bad guys behind bars. 7.

Secrets Leaked

Silhouettes | Matthias Hangst / GettyNathanael ArnoldGoogle+Twitter 29 December 2014 2/2.713 2/2.713 Source: Flurry.com Everybody knows that on Christmas Day Santa Claus likes to collect milk and cookies. However it also seems to have a definite preference for a certain fruit-themed brand when it comes to giving Saint Nick. Like the app analytics company, Flurry analyzed data from its network every year around the holidays to decide which smartphone brands reported the highest number of new device activations and app installs. As seen in the chart above, Apple dominated during the holiday season as the top smartphone company with 51.3 per cent of new mobile device activations coming from Apple products. Flurry’s data also appeared to confirm the results of a survey conducted shortly before Christmas by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster that indicated consumer demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus actually improved since the devices were first released in September MacRumors reports. In the seven-day period from December 19 to Christmas Day, Flurry based his findings on data he analyzed from more than 600,000 devices. Unsurprisingly for a holiday that usually includes gift exchange Christmas Day sees more new device activations and software installs than any other day of the year Flurry statistics. Together with the rise of new mobile device activations Flurry said there was a 150 percent spike in the number of Christmas Day app installs compared to the average daily amount seen in the first three weeks of December. 2/2.714 2/2.714 Source: Flurry.com Flurry also analyzed the distribution by form factor of the new device activations. While the percentage of new medium-sized smartphone activations (64 percent) remained largely the same as last year (65 percent), this year’s number of new phablet activations soared to 13 percent from last year’s 4 percent share. Apple’s growing popularity for large-screen smartphones bodes well since it recently entered the smartphone market’s phablet segment with its 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 Plus was one of the top five smartphones to be switched on this holiday season, according to Flurry. However, the medium-size 4.7-inch iPhone 6 remained Apple’s most successful product, taking the No. 1 spot among all compatible mobile devices. Will Apple Pay have sufficient support? 4 Latest Apple Reports to Wrap Up 2014