60+ Dark Red Hair Ideas

Deep Red Hair Color

This attractive version will begin exploring reds. If you have light blue or green eyes, this courageous take on red hair will totally love you. It looks amazing in any length or texture against pale, tanned and dark skin.

Warm reddish caramel tones

Consider a main caramel base with only a touch of red for a natural approach to red locks. The findings will look like copper, with lots of subtle highlights and lowlights to make the all-around color brighter.
Work for the highest result with a qualified stylist.

Cherry Red Hair Color

If you don’t fear going against the grain, cherry red is for you.
It’s a pleasant color that will assist you leave anywhere you go an unforgettable feeling. It looks the best on females with green or blue eyes, as with most red hair tones.

Intense Plum Shade

What if it’s a purple shade? With a bright plum shade, you can level up an average red hair color. While the foundation still has a red tone, the real brightness comes from the profound violet that achieves the perfect balance between subtle and sparkling.

Strawberry Red Hair Color

Our regular readers understand we’re insane about strawberry blonde, but what about strawberry red as a hair color? This version, with a summer vibe all around, leans more towards the red side than the blonde one.

Black and Red Hair Color

We embrace our natural origins more than ever at a time when balayage is all the rage. You can see how amazing black or dark brown roots look against wealthy burgundy locks in this instance.
We also suggest the sweet long bob haircut asymmetric.

Wispy Caramel Highlights on Red Brown Hair

If reddish brown is your stuff, you can always investigate methods to make it personal. Sprinkling in some light, like these wispy caramel highlights, is one stylish technique. At the same time, they are discreet and delicious.

Rich Chocolate Red

There is no doubt that the color of chestnut hair is a decision of beauty that will transform the heads. You can admire a rich, chocolate red taking on classic chestnut in this picture and how it would appear on lengthy, wavy locks.

Red Orange Hair Color

Look out of the box? Red orange is for you the perfect hair color. While it’s not a shadow suitable for conservative personalities, it’s going to be a dream come true for women who don’t fear being courageous.

Sunny Highlights

Turn your match of highlights up with these super sunny beauty.
They’re a little brighter than the caramel streaks we’ve given before, with a hot, honey tone. For females with red brown hair, it’s a perfect picture decision.

Dark Red Hair Color

Are all the definitive features of mystery, allure and magnetism? The color of dark red hair is certainly the way to go. This profound option to ordinary red hair is a very flattering option for women who are all about that classy sex appeal.

Natural Ginger

You don’t even have to stress changing the color of your hair if you’re a natural redhead. But what if you’re a crazy, blue-eyed beauty longing for natural locks of ginger? You’re searching for this spicy yet natural color.

Magenta Red Tone

Looking for a manner to show off the skin tone of your summer tan or natural medium? Magenta red is all you might ever want. Although it is indeed a brave hair color, it is sufficiently subtle to be suitable for all circumstances.

Red Brown Hair Color

Women looking for a equilibrium between eye candy and elegant should definitely consider red brown. We spoke on this basis about concepts for highlights, but do not hesitate to maintain the color radiantly solid.

Brown Red Hair Color

On the other side, brown red is a natural angle.
Unlike the above-mentioned shade, brown red approaches earth tones even closer. The real charm comes from a red pinch that makes all the difference.

Red and Orange Highlights

In the wise words of one of our favourite all-time girl bands, spice up your life!”. When combined in highlights, red and orange go together incredibly well. As a consequence, you can play in rusty orange and deep red hues with chunky streaks.

Copper Red Hair Color

You can also transform that rusty orange into a beautiful copper color for your locks on this note. The beauty is that as you please you can go as dark or light and the findings will stay noteworthy. This is an outstanding way to begin with a medium shade.

Fire Ombre

We’re constantly talking about shadow hair, but what about this unconventional strategy? Bring the fire to life in your heart with this flame-inspired shadow that begins with deep red and blends at the tips into a warm blonde.

Purple red hair color

This is an outstanding option for females who want a violet tint on their hair but do not want to go over the top. This choice is more settled and with just a hint of purple compared to our plum instance from #.

Lowlights Red Hair Idea

Don’t look at all the highlights? By blending black and red hair, you can attempt lowlights. While mainly dark red is the base coat, there are plenty of black undertones all around to give it an exciting advantage.

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Red Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

If your hair is naturally dark brown or black, for a breathtaking consequence, all you have to do is add some faded dark purple highlights.

Light red hair color

This instance will be loved by women who want a ginger look with a little pop. It’s essentially a hot light red color that rests comfortably between copper and blonde strawberry. For red carpet glam, it’s an enchanting concept.

Red hair color of the wine

Let yourself be influenced by the idea of candy apple to brighten stuff up. This whimsical shade is going to die for, with a nice touch that you’re not going to discover in every blue you meet. For outgoing characters, we suggest it to women.

Brick Red Hair

How about brick red hair to pursue thoughts taken from everyday life?
For the sexy and sassy atmosphere, we enjoy this specific tone, while staying completely presentable wherever you go. It’s another amazing concept for beautiful blue-eyes.

Ruby Red Hair Color

Would you like to be the most sophisticated possible focus of attention? Do it elegantly through a color of hair that makes your admirers think of precious gems. For instance, ruby red is a shadow that will stop hearts.

Red Pink Hair Color

With this color IRL we probably won’t see Lana Del Rey, but a kid might dream, right? Even if it’s an imagination figment, the red rose used in editing will die for it. For a funky boho look, you can get influenced by it.

Red Ombre platinum blonde

Would you like to create your fire shadow even more eye-catching? Bolder and more contrast the colors. This specific shade of platinum blonde will surely turn heads, thanks in specific to the magnificent peachy transformation.

Peekaboo Hair

If you haven’t heard of the idea, peekaboo hair has recently become one of the most innovative trends. As the name indicates, through your very own hair you can virtually generate the illusion of distinct colors and styles. For it, chestnut and blonde work great.

Burgundy Red Hair Color

We’ve devoted a whole post to the hopelessly romantic shade we call burgundy hair color, so you can imagine how much we’re already digging it. This is a great instance to demonstrate our point.

Vibrant Rusty Red

While using dynamic and red in the same description may seem counterintuitive, you can readily see how they function together here flawlessly. You can enjoy a truly striking red hair color in the picture above.

Red Velvet Hair Color

If you’re trying to imagine red velvet as a hair color, it’s the nearest to perfection. We love this profound, brilliant red color that makes females shine brighter and more beautiful than ever with pale complexions.

Caramel Copper

Another way to rock red copper hair is by offering it a tint of caramel. In a nutshell, to make it come to life, it’s basically a wealthy tone of copper that has just a little caramel hue. It’s a hair selection that works well for all colors of the skin and eyes.

Warm Red Hair Color

If chestnut and ginger red had a kid, it would be one of the prettiest children in the globe, metaphorically speaking. We warmly promote females to consider this heart-warming alternative with dense, wavy hair.

Strawberry Champagne

Regardless of whether you call it strawberry champagne, rose gold or faded peach, this hair color rocks the top trends this year. The metallic pastel tint, just ideal for the bohemian girl, is what makes it really unique.


Let’s go orange! And not just any orange–this shade of electricity.
We are well conscious that with these flashy locks, not all girls will be comfortable, but we must acknowledge that they are an amazing sight for sore eyes.

Red Ombre Hair Color

You can combine colors from the same palette if you prefer a subtle shadow. For example, a black-red base that blends into lighter red tips can be seen here. The top part’s rich burgundy tint is the icing on the cake.

Bright red hair color

If you’re all up for bright colors but don’t dig orange, go to the reddest red you’ve ever thought of. We drool over this candy red, particularly against pale skin, because of the heart-stopping effect.

Red Hair Streaks

Do you just want a little red in your hair? Experiment with some medium streaks. For women who don’t want to modify their base color, but rather spice it up a bit, this is an exceptional choice. For dark brown or black hair, we suggest this concept.

Auburn Red Hair Color

Another of our all-time favorites is dark hair colour, another wealthy tone to which we have devoted a complete article. Apart from being a blissful color on its own, we discover that it is a fantastic way to rock your hair with a natural hue.


Red Balayage with Black Base

Some women enjoy ombre, others love balayage insane. As you can see, this coloring method makes the transition from one color to another more harmonious. For women seeking a subtle color melt, it’s the #option.

Black Red Hair Color

We love the combination of highlights and jaw-dropping scanning. The black top blends beautifully in red, keeping an audacious yet classy look. We also enjoy the second half red option.

Pale Red Shade

Grunge girl
? Pale red should be one of your final choices altogether. The definition of edgy and unconventional is this hair color, just what a rebellious gal is looking for. You can wear suitable lipstick for a Wow as well! impact.

Red Hair Color Mahogany

We are more than pleased to add mahogany to the mix to finish our natural range. Like chestnut or auburn, with its natural beauty, this hair color shines through. If you’re a brunette, long-term maintenance will also be simpler.

Auburn Base and Copper Tips

You can take inspiration from this chic combination to spice up yours. It’s easier to get the outcomes than you believe.
All you need to do is finish your auburn base and copper the tips. Voila!

Red and Honey Melt

Another concept for scanning is to combine reddish brown and honey blonde.
We would like to think of it as the subtle variant of a day-to-day fire shadow, much more wearable. For any hair texture, feel free to consider it.

Dark Red Brown Hair Color

We’ve all talked about red brown on this list, but this picture will show how glamorous it can be when it’s darker. Especially on females with hazel or dark green eyes, this natural color looks amazing as in this instance.

Golden Red Hair Color Jessica Chastain

This golden red hair color should be kept in mind if you want to shine like Jessica Chastain on the red carpet. It has a retro / vintage glam overall, also due to the smooth curl hairstyling.

Sunset Color Mix

Top Hair Color Ideas

Maroon Layered Hair Color:

This dark burgundy hair’s strength will assist you get a sleek, courageous and sexy look. The layers and style offer it an all-out look.

Dark Red Hair Color:

This is one of the stunning hair colours for females with medium-skin olive tone. Just combine the profound burgundy locks with your hair’s natural color to look brilliant. The lovely waves finish your coolness and improve this color’s beauty.

Reddish Blonde Subdued Copper Highlights:

This is one of the finest colors of Burgundian hair. This hair color makes its own courageous declaration. In this color of hair, layers and side swept bangs look lovely. You can also add hot streaks to your skin tone.

Golden Chestnut Hair Color:

This hair color operates best on hot, toned skin and large curls. You can add copper blonde highlights to the hair end to get a seductive look. This brownish hair color shade will make you fall in love with it.

Ginger Red Waves:

Fair complexions flatter the yellow undertones in the silent red. Among females with green and blue eyes, it has attained a lot of popularity. For a playful look, you can curl the profound auburn ends.

Dark Brown Hair Burgundy Highlights:

This exceptional hair color will make you stand out from the crowd. It will surely bring out the individuality within you. You need to closely select the base color and highlights to obtain the required outcomes. If your hair base is dark, highlight the brightly burgundy colored streaks.

Ripe Raspberry Hair Color:

This is one of burgundy hair color’s finest colors. For brief haircuts, it is one of the most flattering hair colors. This extravagant red shade will make you look amazing. If you want to look younger and more elegant, the color of your hair is exemplary.

Fiery Burgundy Hair Color:

This boring hair color provides you an extravagant look that is sufficient to surprise individuals around you. With tanned skin, this mulled wine color looks incredible. If you’re blessed with a bright look, it’s a worthwhile hair color.

Purple Tint and Burgundy Red Hair Color combo:

This colorful masterpiece can be easily obtained. You just need to maintain burgundy’s fundamental tone and then use brown and orange colors. You can set this hair color’s radiance with purple tints.

Cinnamon hair color:

Another perfect hair color tone. The warmer orange tints will make you look awesome and the eye catches your hair. Try to feel distinct and distinctive in this elegant hair color.

Lavender Hair Color:

A charming and unquestionable shade of burgundy hair colour. It leans towards the blue palette, making it even more unique and amazing. If you’re passionate about blue shades, then a ideal option is this fresh hair color.

Simple Burgundy Hair Color:

You don’t always have to flatter young girls with an eye-popping hair color. With contrasting looks, this easy burgundy hair color also looks great. The contemporary and retro look relies on your choice of hairstyle.

Plum Red Hair with Auburn Highlights:

By adding chunky caramel highlights in this auburn color you will look beautiful. For females with medium skin tone and brown eyes, it’s a flattering hair color. If you’re looking for a advanced look, then it’s worth trying this hair color.

Classy Look Burgundy Sombre:

This shade of Burgundy has the capacity to make you stand out. On long and medium hair, it feels fantastic. Add a little color to your natural brown or black hair if you want that sexy look.

Light Auburn Hair Color:

This hair color will surely impress you if you enjoy blonde hair. On hot and pale skin tones, this universal color looks fantastic.

Blue Based Red Carroty Streaks:

If you want to create your brown auburn hair brighter, then spice it with wine undertones. When you add distinct highlights to it, this advanced hair color looks more amazing.

Deep Wine Hair Color:

This is one of Burgundian hair color’s finest colors. This hair color’s beauty is that it’s quite saturated and not too bright. With caramel highlights you can break this strong hair color.

Cherry Brown Hair Color:

You’ll look charismatic with a mixture of rosy red and rich brown.
Cherry-cola is the perfect hair color for cool skin tones and brown eyes.

Red Hair Intense Color: