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Lauren Weiler February 01 2020 With every new season loads of players who’ve been on season after season — and each returning player has at least one other star they ‘d rather never see again. Cara Maria Sorbello’s partnership with Paulie Calafiore has been played bySorbello. As the cheating case of Calafiore hit the media, Devenanzio declared that he felt terrible for Sorbello. Here is what he has written.

2/2.297 2/2.297 Figure 1 Johnny ‘ Bananas ‘ Devenanzio and Cara Maria Sorbello Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images Devenanzio and Sorbello played all that crumbled during World War 2 in 2019. People’s notes conflict emerged during Season 34, as Sorbello would always side with Calafiore and turn her back on those with whom she has been playing for years.

During the cheating scandal with Calafiore, Devenanzio initially felt terrible for Sorbello

View this post on Instagram Others say cults … I say family. Even funny people want to give ME all the glory when the only thing I was good for in fact was to blow up our place. Paulie is the brains the glue and the voice @kayleighmariemorrisx keeps it down for us on UK team @iamkamiam and @mtvashleybrooke are the key female brains (i explicitly told paulie and the girls not to tell me SHIT cuz id prob mess it up somehow) and @ninja natalie is the muscle. I want these guys to win even more at this stage than I want them to myself. Its closest helping group I’ve ever been a member of. Please offer credit where you deserved it ACTUALLY. Show this post on Instagram Smiling needs fewer frowning muscles …. Hold your head in the right direction. Label a friend who has to look at this. # Mood # PositiveVibes # Smile # TheChallenge34 A post shared by Paulie Calafiore (@paulcalafiore) at 4:10pm PDT on October 2nd 2019 Devenanzio and Calafiore do not seem to be done with their fight either. Devenanzio attempted to get him banned from future seasons of the Challenge according to Inquisitr Calafiore reports. Calafiore took to his Instagram comments to tell a follower that Devenanzio said he was “uncomfortable” in the house with other contestants. And Calafiore also alleged Devenanzio threatened to end his show career when he ran into Devenanzio in New York if he showed no respect. However the Challenge vet Jemmye Carroll is on the side of Devenanzio. “And all. Cast members don’t have the power to get other cast members out of a series banned. Don’t believe the lies,” she tweeted due to “unstable behavior,” and it has nothing to do with any feud. We’re not sure whether Calafiore and Sorbello will last if Sorbello and Devenanzio will ever restore their broken relationship or if after so much hate Sorbello and Calafiore will go back to the show. But, as it approaches, we are excited to learn more about Season 35!