5 spicy games for adult parties

5 spicy games for adult parties

Are you organizing a party for adults and want it to be a little exciting? So, we suggest that instead of playing games like movies or limbo, you sign up for other slightly spicier versions that will liven up your evening. Are fun and sensual ideas that will raise the temperature of the room making laughter the main protagonists of the evening. At UNCOMO we want to help you organize an incredible party and, therefore, here we discover you the best spicy games for adult parties. Will you dare to propose any of them?

The bottle, a fun spicy game for adults

One of the spicy games for adult parties more traditional and well known by all is the one with the bottle. It is a game that is usually played at parties for young people and teenagers who want to experiment with kisses and with the first physical contacts.

For adults, this is also a very fun game that will make people who have known each other break their barriers and kiss for the first time. It can be hilarious because two men, two women or two lifelong friends will have to kiss.

To make this game, you simply have to follow these steps:

  1. You have to sit in a circle on the floor
  2. In the center of the circle you will have to put a bottle lying down (and empty)
  3. One of you will have to roll the bottle
  4. When the movement stops, you should see who the top of the bottle is pointing at. This will be one of those involved in the kiss
  5. This person will be in charge of spinning the bottle again
  6. The new person the bottle points to is the one chosen to make out with the first

Kisses can be stipulated from the beginning, that is, how long they should last, if they have to go with or without a tongue, and so on. No one can refuse the kiss and, if they refuse, You must leave a garment or pass a test! You can establish the rules before playing so that everyone has a great time.

5 spicy games for adult parties - The bottle, a fun spicy game for adults

The ice game

We continue with this compilation of adult party games to tell you about another classic among teen parties: the ice game. Normally, it is a game that is usually played in nightclubs since, between cubata and cubata, ice becomes a great protagonist.

Well, in the case of a private party you can also choose to play this fun game. But, for this, we recommend that you liven up the atmosphere a bit and that serve your friends something to drink. Put on some music and then let the game begin. To do this, you must follow these steps:

  1. With background music, you will have to go dancing all placed in a circle
  2. Now, one of you will have to put ice in your mouth and pass it on to the person next to you
  3. It is important not to stop moving, you must keep dancing so that this ice pass is complicated
  4. As you go from mouth to mouth, the ice will get smaller and eventually, there will be two people who will pass little ice and a lot of tongue!

The objective of the game is prevent ice from falling to the ground, therefore, if someone falls, they will have to “pay” as you have determined: with a garment or having to take a fun test.

5 Spicy Games For Adult Parties - The Ice Game

Drinking from the navel: a spicy and very erotic game

This is another one of the spicy adult party games that you can include in your celebration. It is a proposal that, in addition to eroticism, also includes drink, so it really you will have a vice. The game consists of a person lying on the sofa or on the floor, lifting his shirt and filling his navel with some alcohol: vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, etc.

Of course: we recommend that before making this game, you wash your navel well to keep dirt from ruining the fun. Once you are all prepared, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. One person lies on the floor with the shirt gathered up.
  2. Someone should lightly fill your navel with an alcohol of your choice.
  3. Another member of the group should drink that alcohol from the navel and prevent it from falling or spilling.
  4. When this couple is done, they can switch shifts or have someone else drink from the same belly button

The objective of this game is that the drinker does not waste a single drop of alcohol used, therefore, a very effective technique must be carried out to prevent the liquid from spilling. In the event that this objective is not achieved, the participant may be disqualified or be obliged to “pay” for his mistake.

Here we discover other spicy drinking games that you can incorporate into your party.

5 spicy games for adult parties - Drinking from the navel: a spicy and very erotic game

The tickling game for adult parties

We continue with this selection of fun games for adults to tell you about another spicy and very erotic proposal. This is a plan that must be done around a table and with alcohol to drink. All participants must be seated at the table and covered with a sheet or cloth so that their hands cannot be seen.

To make this game you will have to follow this steps:

  • While everyone is seated around the table, another participant should get under the table
  • That person will be completely hidden from the eyes of others and therefore will have complete freedom to tickle or caress anyone who is playing
  • The people at the table CANNOT laugh, or smile, or anything at all. They have to remain impassive in the face of the caresses of the person below.
  • In the event that someone laughs or a smile escapes, they should have a shot of alcohol and get under the table

It is a fun game that combines the erotic touch by caresses and funny touch by alcohol. It is ideal for a different party and among adults who want to live a memorable experience.

5 Spicy Games For Adult Parties - The Tickle Game For Adult Parties

Truth or pledge: adult version

And we finish this article with the best selection of spicy games for adults to tell you about another classic party game that we can reconvert and give it a touch to over 18 years. This is the typical game that we know as “Truth or pledge” but, in this case, instead of talking about generic topics we will have to ask sexual and intimate questions.

The game is very simple: a person has to ask a question out loud that has to do with their intimate life. The contestant will be obliged to respond (and honestly) or, if you don’t want to, will have to give a garment. For the game to be fun it is important that the clothes are spicy and somewhat compromising, but without going overboard!

Here we leave you some Truth or Garment game question ideas so you can get inspired:

  • Have you had sex with more than one person at the same time?
  • Have you had erotic fantasies with any of the people here right now?
  • Have you made love in public places?
  • Have you wanted to sleep with someone of the same gender?
  • Who in this room would you like to have sex with (besides your partner)?

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