5 foods rich in protein

Protein is essential for the proper functioning of our body. It is a macromolecule that is made up of amino acids and is essential for the health of our muscles. It is one of the main nutrients that we take through food, along with carbohydrates or fats.

Next, we are going to discover you one list with 5 foods rich in protein that can not be missing in your diet. They are very easy foods to find in a supermarket and that will help you keep your body strong and healthy.

List of high protein foods

Proteins are a source of energy for the body. We must provide each day between 40-60 grams of these substances to our body, depending on age and daily activity.

The proteins found in foods of animal origin are of better quality and more assimilable for the body. But you don’t just have to eat meat, fish, cheese and eggs. A balanced diet requires plant proteins for the proper functioning of the body. In the case of vegans or vegetarians, they need to eat plant foods that complement each other, and provide high-quality proteins to the body.

Between the foods with higher amounts of protein they find each other:

• Serrano ham

• Harzer cheese

• Natural tuna

• Turkey breast

• Veal

• Prawns

• Soft cheeses

• Egg white

• Yogurt

Pork loin

It is the sausage that has the greatest number of nutrients, and with the least amount of fat. For every 100 grams, half are proteins, 8 grams of fat, and it is rich in vitamins B1 and B3., in addition to iron and calcium.


It is a vegetable food with a high percentage of proteins (36 gr for every 100 gr). The bioactive components found in this food favor the muscle oxygenation, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, regulates cholesterol and strengthens the immune system. Soy is an essential food in the vegetarian and vegan diet.

Cured cheese

It is a very food recommended for athletes, due to its high protein intake (32 gr of every 100 gr of product). It is also rich in calcium, vitamins B12, B9, B2, and B1. It is not recommended to abuse this food because of its high content of saturated fat.

Serrano ham

Ham is a sausage with 30 grams of protein for every 100 grams of ham, and with hardly any fat, nor does it add many calories. It is the perfect and tastiest food for meat lovers. Despite being a food with large amounts of salt, it provides our body with necessary nutrients because it is a food rich in zinc and iron.


Cod is one of the fish with the most fat-free protein, so it is recommended in weight loss diets. It is a white fish, and contains 9 of the essential amino acids of high biological value and, therefore, better assimilated by the body. Provides 31.5 g of protein for every 100 of cod; It can be consumed both fresh and salted (once desalted), and with the same protein content.

Protein function

Our body is made up of chemical substances, which work properly if we take care of it with a varied, balanced diet and some exercise. Proteins are the elements of the body responsible for the formation of tissues and transport of the components of food, as in the creation of cells of the immune system. Foods that contain the most protein They can be classified as foods of animal origin, and are found in meat, fish, cheese and eggs; and those of vegetable origin such as legumes, cereals, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

The function of proteins in the body is essential. They take care of both the formation and repair of tissues such as bones and muscles, facilitate chemical reactions, transporting it through the body nutrients from food, such as vitamins and minerals. Others work like regulatory in the formation of pathogenic antibodies, or in cell division and transmission of brain impulses to different parts of the body.

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