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TfL Ask Oyster account holders to reset their passwordsByBill Toulas-November 29, 2019.825 All Oyster account holders must reset their passwords in order to regain access. Previously, after their passwords were stolen from elsewhere, 1200 account holders were affected. TfL (Transport for London) is asking Oyster cardholders to change their passwords so that they can once again access their accounts. Oyster is a popular travel card that can help locals and tourists use public transportation to travel around the English capital (tram bus or river bus). Generally speaking, it saves people time as it facilitates contactless payments and is a great value because it is much cheaper than buying single tickets whenever you need them. .826 In fact, TfL discovered the breach back in August after credential theft attacks elsewhere on the internet prompted stuffing actors to knock at the door of their website. Back then the hackers attacked 1200 account holders of Oyster cards and managed to take control of them briefly. Months after this incident, TfL decided to ask each account holder to reset their passwords in the form of a precautionary measure as more information could be open to the stuffing actors and give it another try in the future. That said, all Oyster and contactless accounts are now locked and the holder’s inbox must have already hit a related password reset order. The Cto of TfL confirmed the following: “This is a precautionary measure because of previously recorded incidents of a very limited number of accounts being maliciously accessed using data collected from non-TfL websites.” Consumers are also expected to use at least eight characters and also a combination of numbers and upper/lower case letters for their new accounts. It goes without saying that using a new and unique passphrase you haven’t recorded somewhere else is to minimize the risk of being hacked by stuffing attacks again. A good idea would be to pick up a password manager and create a strong password you don’t need to write down or recall.Hola Vpn responds with a downplaying statement that undermines the report’s reach. After performing analytical research on the famous Vpn service Trend Micro a cybersecurity firm published a report on Hola Vpn. Following Ip address leaks that affected Hola Vpn in March 2018 and combining the reality with users ‘ bandwidth stealing Trend Micro security researchers agreed that this activity was odd and unjustifiable if the normal Vpn service provision practices were being followed. The report summary used as such in the pastdo not getany form of encryption and their traffic is not routed through a secure tunnel. This ensures that HolaVpn serves as a proxy server so that visited websites are freely accessible to the user Ips. Now considering the fact that the main objective of using a Vpn service is to remain hidden from surveillance and circumvent restrictions and censorship the results may be regarded as false Hola Vpn ads. Offering Vpn services free of charge and asking those users for “idle money” would be a fair trade if the Vpn services actually used some sort of a privacy layer. Hola Vpn, on the contrary, does not see it this way as they have described Trend Micro’s “irresponsible” study stating that not all Vpn users want to hide their identity from the websites they are surfing or even from the Luminati network. .828 With over 175 million users from around the world, Hola Vpn is one of this kind’s most popular services and takes such a disturbing stance on the privacy of its users. All of these users are vulnerable to Ip detection attacks by “Man-in – The-Middle” and even act as a help to illegal attacks launched by authors of ‘ rogueware. ‘ Trend Micro reports that their results also concern Hola Vpn’s corporate clients, raising the level of danger of making one of Luminati’s exit nodes to a company network. Such a scenario will potentially allow attackers to penetrate corporate firewalls and gain access to critical information about the company. Trend Micro apps will view Hola Vpn as “unwanted software” for this and all of the above purposes, and will notify users with its complete removal. For more these news stories.