44+ High top fade 2020

s High Top Fade

If we rewind the tape back to the beginnings, the high top fade really kicked off in the late s. Thanks to the unforgettable hip hop duo Kid ‘n Play (Christopher “Kid” Reid portrayed above), this haircut is now a statement for old school heads around the globe.


High Top Afro Fade

Creative Haircut with Designs

Curly Hair

High Top Bald Fade

for the lower part of your hairstyle, and then pair it with a beard too. It’s certainly an option to keep in mind if you’re getting a summer haircut.

Kid High Top Fade

to make your kid’s hairstyle complete.

Sponge Twists High Top

key to keeping your curls popping. Mix them with a high top haircut and you’ve got a match made in heaven! The strongly contoured coils will bring out the best in your natural features.

High Fade with Top Knot

and don’t want to sacrifice it for a high top, use a hair tie to reveal the fade part of your hairstyle. You’ll be getting the best of both worlds without resorting to the scissors.

Nappy High Top Fade

The nappy high top fade is a special kind of Afro. With a high skin fade on the sides and a big nappy Afro, guys wanting volume on top can choose this fresh hairstyle. Just ask your barber for a nappy fade haircut and he’ll know exactly how to cut the look.

High Top Fade with Part

Dynasty Barbers A shaved part extends the hairline and draws extra attention to the blurry fade. Other ways to add a part to a high to fade is with a curved line or a side part that cuts through long hair. Anything can happen on top but hair is worn into a high top with curls provides a striking contrast against the hard line of the part.

High Top Fade White Guy Hairstyle

to nail a flat top. Still, it might turn out rad in the end.

High Top Twist Haircut

Twists are a must-try if you’re growing your hair out. Not only do they look great, but they’re also practical if you want a faded undercut. Just make sure that you follow your barber’s hair care tips to keep your coils thriving as they grow.

Asian High Top Fade

, you can think about adapting the haircut to match your texture. As long as your hair is thick enough, you shouldn’t have any issues in the process!

High Top Fade With Curls

Chris Boos The high top is a cool cut for anyone with tight enough curls. This version features a rounded profile, line up and high fade with an emphasis on the temples.

High Top and Dreads Hairstyle

go out of style. Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, dreads are the go-to solution for men with longer hair. In addition, they go hand in hand with high fade haircuts. What more could you want?

High Top Fade with Part

The high top fade with a part adds another dimension to an already trendy hairstyle. Because the high top is longer on top, combining a fade on the sides and a part in the hair just brings more attention to the different components of the cut.


High top dreads are a stylish alternative to the thicker block of hair usually accompanying this look. As a bold fashion statement, the high top dread fade styles beautifully and stands out in a crowd.

Mini High Top Fade Haircut

Traditional High Top Haircut

To begin with, it’s only fair to kick-start our list with the original high top fade. If you’re a millennial, the tall and finely trimmed form is unmistakable. Take a trip back in time and feed your nostalgia with your own take on the traditional silhouette.

High Top Fade for Straight Hair

If you don’t want to risk looking like Vanilla Ice on a bad day, think about tweaking your high top fade if you have non-textured hair. Soften the look by incorporating some layers into the haircut and styling them accordingly. You might be better off adapting the idea to meet your personal qualities.

Jaden Smith High Top Fade


Tupac High Top Fade

, this creative hairstyle is as hip hop as can be.

High Top Mid Fade

Always strive for balance in your hairstyles? A mid fade just might be the best haircut choice for you. The fade isn’t tall enough to leave most of your head bare, nor is it too low to come across as insignificant. ditionally, it will work for any type of situation, whether at the workplace or out and about in the city.

Best High Top Fade Haircut Styles

If you’re ready to try the high top fade, check out our gallery of the coolest hi-top styles for inspiration. You’ll find a number of different designs for every type of hair and guy!

inspiration or just plain direction on how to achieve the look you are aiming for? Maybe, you have seen pictures of popular actors or musicians with a stylish and faded cut you are hoping to one day emulate. Well, look no further. Today, we are going to be discussing the ever-popular men’s high top fade haircut. Sale

High Top Taper In your life Fade

. For high tops, taper fades go fantastically well, no matter how wide the gradient is. You’re going to save a ton of time getting ready for the day while maintaining a new atmosphere.

Psych High Top Fade Out

, one of s’s most memorable television series? In reality, one of our favorite episodes in our discussion derives its name from the haircut. The groovy haircuts of the children were enough to inspire us for years to come. Tackle a major double throwback!

Big Daddy KaneHaircut

Hip hop pioneer Big Daddy Kane released another late version of the classic haircut. Big Daddy Kane, an icon ahead of his time, flaunted a high top hairstyle with shaved designs before many even heard of the notion.

Slanted High TopHaircut

Silhouette is all about the top fade haircut. Even if it means playing around with an asymmetrical solution, you can mold yours however you want. Yeah, a side-slung haircut will eventually make the appearance even more unforgettable.

Zayn Malik High Top Fade

Blonde High Top Fade

is an excellent alternative.

Will Smith High Top Fade

bear in mind when you first examine the haircut. Okay, we’re not going to blame you. Will Smith was a genuine hairstyle trendsetter of the times when he was in his s. And to this very day, his emblematic haircut in Bel-Air still pops up.

High Top Fade with Beard

, the fade and high top haircut will fulfill all your fashion needs. Through wearing it with a mustache, you can create an attractive visual balance thanks to the fine fade integrated in the haircut.

Best High Top Fade Haircuts

, high top hairstyles for men of all backgrounds are becoming a cool hair trend and fashion. See our guide below for high top fade pictures and the many different types of cuts and styles you can get!

Mehndi Designs For Beginners

High Top Fade with Waves

High Top Fade with Curls

Again, high twists allow black men to style their curls with sleek finish.

High Top Braid Out

We have a picture-perfect idea for you and it’s time to take them out. Rather than allowing your curls to go wild, form them into a haircut that complements your facial structure.

Low High Top Fade

Cropped High Top

High and Tight Fade

is probably one of the most wearable choices. It’s not exactly what you’d expect a high top fade to be like because of the super short duration. Nonetheless, the rules are made to be broken when it comes to style.

s Fade

high edge! An alternative to the incredible afro is to fashion it into a high-fade super dry. You may claim the look was pulled off by a professional barber. We also urge you to collaborate with one rather than trying to achieve the same immaculate results at home.

High Top Fade With Dreads

DangCutsHair Rock the hi-top with locks for something completely different. Medium-length dreads look great loose worn but longer hair might also be tied back into a ponytail or man bun. With braids, this style will look great as well.

is represented by an operating line. With a fast taper that looks good growing out, the neckline blends to the body. With every hairstyle, the V-cut works. The high top fade is a common men’s haircut that is easily recognizable around the world, also known as the hi-top fade. The high top symbolized the introduction of hip hop into mainstream pop culture as a trendy hairstyle for black men in the’s and’ s. Because the high top fade among the African-American community continues to be a go-to style, you will find a number of modern variants on the cut, including the high top fade with curls or even high top dreads. Whether you’ve got curly hair, an afro, or twists, read on to learn how to get, cut, and keep a top-fade haircut high.

Mehndi Designs For Beginners

What is the Fade Haircut High Top?

, there are two different hairstyles. The flat top is technically a form of hi top fade, which is any haircut where the sides are cut short and the hair on top is very long styled. High top hairstyles therefore also include a number of different types of black haircuts.

The versatility is the best thing about the top fade. The style works, whether you’ve got straight or curly hair. There’s the curly top fade (or high top with curls), for example, where your barber on the sides will cut a high skin fade and leave your curly hair on top for long. Likewise, at a barbershop, black men with dreads, twists and afros may also ask for the cut. Eventually, high-level patterns perfectly adapt themselves to hair designs, allowing men to tailor their haircuts to suit their personality.

Long Kinky Hair Fade

to get. The high top haircut, a version of the flat top, is all about the contrast between ultra short sides and lots of length on top. Typically the sides are cut into some form of fade. That may burst or fall high or low, or whatever your personal preference may be. Curly and kinky hair adds a lot of height to the hi-top. While this hairstyle is most commonly seen on black hair, the look can be seen by anyone with very curly hair. Unlike the flat top, the high top edges have texture. Curls, twists, or locks can be normal. While for long-faced guys the extra height will not work, it will work for everyone else. The high top is particularly flattering for the shapes of the round, square and oval heads, but it also fits the shapes of diamond and heart. Take a look at these five ways to rock the top fade haircut.

High Top Fade with Part

Embedding a part in a high top fade haircut is kind of difficult. It’s not impossible, though, particularly if you want to try your imagination. Barbers also add a sleek hard part to the mix, whether completely one side down or angled around the face.

Curly High Top Fade

Rounded Top High Fade

Haircut is usually box-like. That doesn’t mean you can’t play with all sorts of shapes and sizes, though. For example, take this rounded version. To people who want to soften a stern look otherwise, it is the ideal choice.

Red High Top Fade with Dye

Do not be afraid to take your haircut for an extra mile. Use your hairstyle as a way to express it if you have a strong personality! For some, this may mean bringing a splash of candy red to life with their high top. Is this for you the personal touch?

High Top Fade Mohawk

Disconnected High Top Haircut

High Top Fade may be either incremental or disconnected, just like undercuts. Add a shaved row around the base of your flat top to create even more contrast. As a consequence, you’re going to have the top part removed and fade and shine all alone.


High Top Temp Fade

is, for some reason, one of the most desirable picks in the natural hair family. Regardless of the size of the forehead or other features, almost anyone seems to flatter the shape of the box!

High Top BraidsHaircut

is back in the spotlight and is here to stay. When it comes to braid types that you can combine with a high fade, the possibilities are endless. Use the crown braid style pictured below for a simple yet effective result.

Kendrick Lamar High Fade

A number of Golden Age rappers have been lauded for their high top fads, but what about those currently active? Kendrick Lamar, widely considered one of his time’s most famous emcees, is a fine example of how a new haircut version would turn out.

High Fade Short Top

To get an amazing high fade, you don’t need a -inch afro. In reality, to get the shape you’re looking for, you barely need that much length at all. You can always work with what you’ve got, even if in your case it’s a short edge. It’s all about the technique and the flavor that you add to the look.

Unique Undercut

Curly High Top Fade

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert is almost as well known for his defense as his skin. Instead of the shaved flat top, the edges of his ultra high top have natural curl. Quickly the high fade tapers down to the hair. While this look fits without a beard, the face hair of Shumpert represents and enhances the style. The goatee is a finer variant of what’s up.

Box Braids High Top

Specifically, box braids currently dominate the hairstyle trends charts. You can use them in a single haircut that complements your style to combine new school and old school vibes. Plus, you will have the ideal canvas ready for a flat top if you decide to remove the braids.

Nappy High Top Fade

Dynasty Barbers This fresh cut reveals the unique characteristics of Afro-textured hair by specified height and soft edges that offer a subtle kinky hair halo. The fall fade goes from high to low, growing a few inches of the natural hairline.

High Hair Fashion Fade

Nappy High Top Fade

you can enjoy this year.

Highest Fade

inches. There’s a very slim chance to break his mark, but his achievement will surely keep you inspired as you expand your flat top.

Cool High Flat Top Fade

How to Cut A High Top Fade

To Cut a High Top Fade, it is highly recommended that you find a hairstyle barbershop. Make sure to trust him before asking for the cut because the haircut needs a professional barber with an eye for detail and style. And, as always, to present your stylist, it’s best to save a photo of your favorite top haircut styles!

A high skin fade would look good and show the contrast between the sides and top of the body. Inches of hair; although it depends on your choice how long or short your high top is. The rest depends on the hair type you’ve got on top and how you want it to be styled. Many people may want their hair slanting, while others may want their afro blowing out.

Note, unless you’re planning to visit your barbershop every few days, you’ll need to learn how to keep the top high fade so that the style remains smooth.

High Top Fall Fade

will make you the focus of attention wherever you go. In comparison to the rigidity of a high fade, we suggest it as a gentle alternative to your flat top base. Throw in the mix some color and don’t go unnoticed!

Curly High Top Fade

Curly high top fade offers a great choice for guys who don’t know what to do with their hard-to-manage, thick curly hair.

High blue top

? Imagine experimenting with hues from the second part of the rainbow which draw inspiration. Blue, red, and violet are all excellent hairstyle options for guys thinking out of the bag.

Freeform Dreads High Top Fade

, sometimes referred to as neglect dreads. All you need to do is let them shape naturally and choose your favorite type of fade to go with them.

Faded High Top with Twists and Part

Fade and twists are a popular way for black men to style their hair as they grow it out.

High Top, Slick Back Hairstyle

High Fade Long Top Hairstyle

often carefully blends high fade with long hair on top.

High Fade

film? Okay, it was the point of departure for countless fans ‘ haircut adaptations. Juice fade is one of the best ways to differentiate you with a different hairstyle from the crowd.