22 Great Medium Length Thin

Join Team Tousled with this beautiful example of thin-hair layered haircuts and give your fine hair new life.

Medium-length Bangs

Thin layers on a medium-length lob offer so much width and volume without too much bulk. Together with the subtle rose gold, the bangs that highlight the eyes make this look very charming.

Curly Hair Neck-Length Angled Bob

This mid-length hairstyle features a smoothly angled A-line bob that is ideal for controlled and intact curls. To achieve bouncy soft curls, use a moisturizing product.

Black Women’s Great Long Bob

Messy Choppy Layers

QA with Molly Forbes Color Specialist This is a layered medium haircut for thin hair and bangs. The hair is long enough to be pulled back and it can still make the hair look finished by the bangs and bits around the head. This style can be worn sleek / straight or choppy / textured and is very flexible. I love it’s got a lot of character and motion. My friend Molly did the color (Any tips for someone considering it? The customer has fine hair but a lot of it. I used Oribe’s Maximista at her root to blow her hair for volume and hold. I applied a loose wave with a 1 1/4? curling iron and finished with Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray for more volume and hold.This mid-long haircut is a length, messy, balanced bob. With a metallic finish, the paint has a more classic feel. Any advice that someone thinks about it? This sort of hairstyle fits perfectly for consumers with a more bohemian lifestyle but who want to be a little traditional as well. You can’t go wrong with the haircut form. It matches about every shape of the head. Some information (length fringe etc) may need to be changed depending on the face shape. Fine to medium thick hair is the best type of hair for the messy lob. It would be even more appropriate for a wavy foundation. I used a thickening pre-style spray for blow-dry just to add some strength and fullness to the skin. I will use a GHD Platinum Styler when it’s dry to add some waves if desired. I used a styling serum to describe and monitor the finish.

Have graduated layers build some edges around your face which give you a sharper look that’s what round face gals need.

Stylist / Barber Messy Choppy Layers

QA How would you characterize this look? Thismedium length hairstyle has been influenced by the edgy personality of my client for fine hair. While celebrating her rock and roll spirit, she wanted something trendy. I love this look for the multidimensional tones of her broken surfaces that really pop up. Based on her mood, she can easily dress it up or down. It looks effortlessly chic, no matter how she styles this cut. Any advice that someone thinks about it?

Curly Hair

QA with Curly Hair Specialist I cut the hair of this client back in March so it was pretty long. We didn’t try to take too much or add short pieces around the head so she could pull it back into a ponytail. This look is soft and feminine to me. The suggestions that someone feels about it? While this collarbone length you have two options: go for longer bob where the front (A-line perimeter) is shorter in the back or longer in the back and shorter around the neck. The curly or wavy hair layers / shape are a little different. Those with textured hair usually end up looking triangular. That’s why layers are always required for these types of hair. Curly wavy hair is always hunting for humidity! It needs good organic botanical water-based products meaning it is important to see first if the ingredient has water when people choose a shampoo conditioning cleansers gel creams! If it starts with oil or silicone, don’t buy because in the long run it will dry your hair. It is not advised to use too many oils on the hair because it coats around the hair shaft and prevents penetration of moisture.

Low Maintenance Cut

QA with Haircutting Professional This is a slightly triangular long bob with long layers and a soft perimeter. The most beautiful thing about it is that the consumer has so little upkeep but is still edgy enough to stand out in a crowd. This dries perfectly while retaining the ability to be worn straight or with waves as well. This is also a very enjoyable cut to do as a stylist because you can slice into the shape of all the material. Starting with the cut line and ending in the layers and face framing, you can really look at the hair and decide how each section can be a piece. It is really quite a technical cut, but at the same time this helps the stylist to be innovative and personalize the look customer to the client. The suggestions that someone feels about it? I highly recommend this haircut for a long-haired client who is looking for a change but doesn’t want to go flat. The shape lands right past the awkward length where the hair begins to flip on the shoulder, so if you decide to grow it out again, there is really no awkward moment. It can still be put in a ponytail or bun that is perfect for my active customers or clients with small children who need their hair off the head. It should look great air-dried with some styling cream blown out straight with smoothing spray or styled with beachy waves using spray texture to finish for styling medium hairstyles for thin hair like this one. I put this length on all hair textures and I just changed the weight removal needed for the hair density with which I work.

Medium A-Line Oval Heads Bob

QA with Stylist I love this thin hairstyle shoulder length. I think my favorite thing about it is that it’s so flexible that it looks natural. I even painted her a vivid blonde for a while and I took her back to a much smaller look of upkeep. I mixed with lowlights in her natural color so no harsh outline would develop. We left to build a softer look in some subtle honey-colored highlights more around the eyes. This cut has a lot of movement and several choices for styling. It can be worn straight or twisted with an iron with natural curl / waves and this length will still go up for those who sometimes need their hair from their heads. The suggestions that someone feels about it? All right! Go for it! It’s a lot of fun and I don’t see this look gone too anytime. It’s so polyvalent. It can be worn to look professional fun sexy casual etc. in many different ways. On every face shape, I think it’s flattering. Based on the texture and shape of the hair (natural curly vs. straight, etc.) like most styles, certain material and equipment will need to be used. With a gentle natural wave, Emma has a medium texture. I used a spray for the first time to comb it out. I then used a body safety and shine volumizer and a styling cream. I roughly dried her 80 percent dry and then divided her into four parts, using a large ceramic round brush to achieve body and motion. To finish the look, I rubbed a flat iron over the top layer and sprayed it with moving hairspray. Bob

QA Layered Shoulder Length with Cosmetologist How would you characterize this look?