2019 Men Hairstyles Trends

Cool Men's Hairstyles - Hi Lo Fade with Modern Quiff Hairstyle

Medium Skin Fade + Slick Comb Over Top + Beard

Cool Haircuts For Guys - Low Skin Fade with Comb Over and Beard

High Fade + Textured Comb Over Top + Full Beard

Cool Guy Haircuts - Low Fade and Long Top with Beard

Faux Hawk Fade

Trendy Men's Haircuts

High Skin Fade with French Crop and Bushy Beard

Cool Modern Haircuts For Men - Short French Crop with High Bald Fade and Beard

Men Ponytail Bun with Thick Beard

Cool Hairstyles

Brushed Up Men Haircut with Taper Fade Side

Cool Hairstyles For Men

Thick Slick Back Haircut with Bang and Beard

Cool Haircuts

Comb Over Quiff with Disconnected Undercut

Cool Haircuts For Men

Messy Textured Comb Over with Medium Fade and Full Beard

Cool Hairstyles

Textured Pomp with Medium Fade and Lines Pattern on Neckline

Cool Men's Quiff Hairstyle with Hair Design

Textured Brush Back with High Undercut and Beard

Cool Textured Slicked Back Hair with Disconnected Undercut

Faux Hawk with High Skin Fade

Cool Trendy Haircuts - Bald Fade with Shape Up and Spiky Hair

Men Bun Braid Hairstyle with Short Sides

Stylish Hairstyles For Men

Textured Faux Mohawk with High Undercut and Hair Line

Cool Stylish Men's Haircuts - Disconnected Undercut with Textured Spiky Hair

Textured Spiky Hair with Medium Bald Fade

Cool Hairstyles For Men

Sleek Comb Over Top with Hard Side Part and Short Sides

Cool Short Men's Haircuts - Short Sides with Hard Side Part

 Sleek Comb Over with Angled Hard Part and High Fade

Cool Haircuts For Boys

Textured Side Swept Hairstyle with High Skin Fade Undercut

Cool Best Hairstyles For Guys - High Skin Fade

Short Pomp with Undercut

Cool Haircuts For Men

Side Swept Textured Pomp with Taper Fade Side

Unique Hairstyles For Men

Side Swept Hairstyle with Undercut for Long Hair

Cool Boy Haircuts

Comb Over Drop Fade Haircut with Full Beard

Popular Men's Hairstyles

Messy Flowing Men Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Cool Hairstyles For Men

Afro Spongy Mohawk with Burst Fade

Burst Drop Fade with Natural Curls with Volume


Nowadays, it is a trend for modern men to cut their hair to
pretty boy hairstyles. The cool hairstyle can make you look younger and more
attractive to women. With this type of hairstyle, the short sides can have low
to high fade while the long top can feature textured comb over, pompadour, and
spiky styles. This type of haircut requires a styling product to maintain but
they will help you to get the attention you want.