Math riddles with answers

Family and friends gatherings are always more entertaining with trivia games or riddles for all ages. It is a perfect way to get all the gathered members involved, encouraging them to reflect on each question with the aim of finding an answer or solution. Testing your intellect can be a lot of fun as well as helpful for developing brain activity.

These puzzles can be on many topics: sports, history, science, technology, entertainment, and geography; These are areas that serve to check the knowledge of the players, but if there is a section that usually puts most of the participants in trouble, it is that of mathematics. If you want to discover 20 math riddles with answers, some popular and others more complicated to solve, keep reading this oneHOWTO article.


While this type of math problems with answer raises a simple sum, the idea is that this sum is done quickly so that whoever takes the least delay in answering wins. In addition, the cardinal points will serve to confuse those who hear the riddle for the first time.

Geography and mathematics come together in this puzzle that poses the following: a bear travels 26 km in a southward direction. Then walk another 19 km east. Finally, 57 km further north, How many kilometers has it traveled?

Answer: 102 kilometers

Overtaking to the second

this is one of these popular math puzzles the one you may have come across before. It’s great for testing children’s logical deduction: a runner can overtake a second-place runner in a race. What is the position in which the first runner is placed?

The answer seems simple, but many people find it difficult to find it at first: it is the second position.

Monkey riddle

A monkey hangs on the side of a pulley without friction. On the other side, a weight is hung that manages to perfectly balance the monkey. Considering that the weight is frictionless and weightless, What happens if the animal tries to climb the rope?

Answer: the monkey would get to the pulley.

Seemingly simple operation

Ask your friend one of the math problems with the simplest answer in appearance, but which requires a reading between the lines: When is the following operation correct: 11 + 3 = 2?

Answer: knowing that the puzzle refers to a moment of time, you can easily solve it by thinking in hours. Adding 3 hours to 11, the result is two.

Math Puzzles with Answers - Seemingly Simple Operation

In the dark

This is another one of those math puzzles for kids that will make them think and use their reasoning. A person gets up in the middle of the night, discovering that there is no light in his room. Try opening a sock drawer with 10 black socks and 10 blue socks. How many do you have to take to safely get an identical color pair?

Answer: In the worst case, the person must pick up 11 socks to have an identical color pair. That is, half (10) of the total that you have (20) plus an additional one.

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Subtract 1 from the number 1111

If you are looking simple math puzzles, This is a perfect option! The premise is very simple, but it will make you think: How many times can 1 be subtracted from 1111?

The answer It requires prior reflection, since it is not the first solution that will cross your mind:

only once, since on subsequent occasions you would be subtracting 1 from other numbers (1110, 1109, …).

Machines and articles

Five machines are capable of writing 5 articles in five minutes. With this rhythm of production, How long does it take 100 machines to make 100 items?

Answer: 5 minutes.

Math Puzzles with Answers - Machines and Items

Four nines

Riddle: How is it possible that four nines will make 100?

Answer: thanks to this operation: 9/9 + 99 = 100.

Puerta del Sol Clock

The clock located in the Puerta del Sol takes a second to chime. How long will it take to strike twelve chimes?

Answer: 11 seconds.

Mathematical riddles with answers - Puerta del Sol Clock


More math puzzles with solution! Despite the fact that some of them have a mathematical premise, the solution is much simpler than it seems and requires that we pay special attention to the puzzle: you are the driver of a bus in which 18 individuals ride. At the next stop, they go up 13 and go down 5. At the later station, they go up 4 and go down 21. With these data, Could you tell me the color of the driver’s eyes?

Answer: no calculation is necessary. The color will be that of your eyes.

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Pigs and horses

In this short riddle with answer you have 5 rabbits, 40 pigs and 20 horses on a farm. If you wish to call pigs horses, What is the total number of horses you have?

Answer: You will still have 20 horses because you have only renamed the pigs, that is, they will not transform into horses.

Family trip

Do you like riddles? This is a classic riddle that never fails to get those searching for the solution thinking. Two people travel in a car. The youngest is the daughter of the other person, but the oldest is not the father of the minor. Who is the oldest person?

Answer: the mother of the youngest person.

Hours and pills

At 12 in the morning you take your pills. Every hour you take one of the 4 daily that you eat. What time do you take the last pill?

Answer: at 3pm.

Math Puzzles with Answers - Hours and Pills


Geometry is also present among the math puzzles with answer, as in the following case: What is a geometric figure that has neither 4 nor 5 sides, but half of 6?

Answer: the triangle (3 sides).

Family generations

The short math puzzles they use family generations a lot to confuse participants. In this case, the approach is as follows: between 3 people there are two parents and two children. How is this possible?

Answer: those people are a grandfather, father and son.

Iron and straw

You have heard this math puzzle numerous times: What weighs more, a kilo of straw or iron?

Answer: they have the same weight.


In one room there are 4 cats. Each cat is in a corner and sees 3 other cats. How many cats are in the room?

Answer: the solution is found at the beginning of the puzzle statement, that is, there are 4 cats.


You are 12 siblings. You are the second to be born, but you are the youngest of all. How is it possible?

Answer: you are February (second month of the year and the one with the shortest duration).

The bat and the ball

A ball and a bat have a combined price of 110 euros. The bat has a value of 100 euros higher than the ball. What is the price of the ball?

Answer: 5 euros for the ball and 105 euros for the bat.


Riddle: How can a full pitcher weigh less?

Answer: being full of holes.

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