18 Balayage Straight Hair Color

Black Balayage

Effortless transformations between hair colors black and black. The cut and length reveal the color mix.

Straight Dark Hair

Medium Length Balayage

See majestically draped on your head this two-tone flowing curtain. What a dream!

This look is a combination of teal and blue highlights. Teal is the favorite color of my client, and when she has this in her hair, she just feels like herself. I believe everyone has a certain hue, and this vivid yet soothing teal and blue combination certainly represents the colors of her heart. The juxtaposition it creates is my favorite thing about this theme. Obviously, she is a very relaxed and introverted girl, but in this color she feels comfortable, which is certainly more eye-catching and noticeable. The color’s pulse is going to fade. If you don’t want to come back to the salon every 3 months to change the color you’ll need to get a similar color from either Sally’s Beauty or your local drugstore. To refresh your own light, London drugs / shoppers. Some brands with such colors are Punky Colors Pulp Riot Joico Intensity or Splat. I never limit my hairstyles or hair colors to my customers. My job is to drive my customers out and try something new from their comfort zone. I love change and even when it comes to their hair, life is all about going through different experiences!

Black Ash

Keep in mind that a scanning needs lightening, which means you’re going to need your hair bleached. The darker the color that starts, the more work it takes to achieve the look you want. There are certain things you can do to help preserve the color as with any dye job. One of the best things you can do is to use sulfate-free good quality products. Dushing in lukewarm water is also vital as hot water will strip essential oils leaving your hair dry. With balayage hair, this may be the most important thing – you’ll want to wash it once a week with purple shampoo and conditioner made just for ash blondes. This stuff helps to keep your ashy toner on your balayage regardless of the color of your heart.

Long Dark Red Balayage

A Cosmetologist This look has a fiery violet vibe of wine. Our target was to have a lot of yet intense color measurements. She just wants her look sassy and looks like her body. She has a head frame that she likes with the shape of her face, and with lots of curls that look fabulous. Plenty of layers have also been a must. The color we achieved with Aveda color is my favorite part. Most people think that Aveda is hard to use, but it can be achieved! Make sure your hair is able to handle ample lighting to build up to be powerful. Use lots of protein treatments and trimmings to keep the overall appearance fresh. I still warn lovers with extreme hair color not to keep color vivid over shampoo. Have fun with your hair every time! Black Balayage

On a long bob, it’s a dark multidimensional brunette scan. The subtlety to it is my favorite thing. It certainly has different tones and grades, but there is not much contrast to it. Even if it is not eye-catching. The best part is that it also complements the long bob very well, but for any duration I think it would be a good option. Starting with it would rely on their hair. This client had long dark hair, and with an oval-shaped face, she’s thin. She’s incredibly low maintenance (I would like to add that I made a semi-permanent black color as the low light I painted through) so it was an easy choice for her! She’s also letting it grow a bit now so it’s just a bob that’s simple for longer. Grow-out at every stage is quick and so sweet. I used a blow-out cream on her ends as far as grooming is concerned, a root lifter on her roots and a Denman brush for the dry blast. Instead I sprayed it with a heat spray and with low heat slightly straightened the ends. Even though she was able to get away with the blowout. Hair Style