16 Cute Bob With Side

Side Bangs and Layers

Long layers arranged in such a sweeping movement give this side bangs a more dynamic look. In this feathered messy theme, the caramel highlights are much more prominent.

Bob for Thick Hair

Angled Bob

The angular cut inclined to the face can either flatter the characteristics or make them look excessively articulated resulting in a less attractive appearance. Side-swept feathered bangs are here to complement the movement of the cut that brings together the whole look. Sew In Bob

Slay the sew-in bob by finding the right texture and weave color that fits your hair best. The side bangs are handy as this arrangement can cover up the detailed sew-in edges you wear.

The way a part of your head is hidden by side bangs indicates mystery and a serious aura. It followed by an elegantly colored lob is the look for middle-aged ladies that would go very well.

Bob’s A-lineLong bangs swept to the side will make your face flattered by a stunning curtain. This elegant look is achieved with locks falling just on the shoulders, which is also manageable and youthful.

Long Bob

Layered Bob

This leads to a more jagged feel and a finished cut color. This is the exciting part that creates it sophisticated pink – not so vivid or flashing or neon, but a very soft pink satin. The challenge was to make sure that the integrity of the hair condition was preserved to a pale yellow. It was essential to toning after two sessions using Ordeve Blonde bleach. Violet Tone was used for toning or reflecting silver-gray. Just after we’ve been using Revlon Professional Satinescent to reflect the satin-pink. It’s red with the corresponding gray mirror. My tips are as follows when doing chemical sessions that can damage both scalp and hair: use Aveda’s beautifying oil before and after the bleach session for scalp comfort. The leave-in spray Revlon Equave conditioning is good to equalize and add moisture to the hair. Aveda Color Conserve and Aveda Damage Remedy Masque are used for hair reinforcement for shampoo. For a paint gloss or color retouch, visit your colorists every 3-4 weeks while you keep pastel and satin-finished color – 5-10 minutes will be enough to refresh the hue. Bob

I produced a soft layered bob and scanned it in foils. She doesn’t very often get her haircut or color. So it was important to give her a beautifully growing style and color that doesn’t require much maintenance. Bangs softened any appearance so I gave her sultry side-swept bangs and textured the ends heavily. I finished her cut by a bit textured her ends to keep her layers from looking too blunt and softening the overall appearance. I curled a 1’s hair? Curling iron and spraying Joico Finishing Texture Spray that I love. It helps to define curves and gives ample texture without making it stiff and it also smells great!On anybody, this cut looks fine. There are various textures, of course, but you should not be afraid! This cut is ideal for most curl patterns with the right texture technique. This haircut allows bang / fringe area choices.

Blunt Bob

This is a traditional one-length blunt bob with side-swept bangs, the natural hair color. I’m just trying to tell my customers that confidence is all about short hair! It includes a smooth or flat-ironed look of a round comb. All types of hair can rock this look depends on whether the customer wants to style it every day. It’s a fall in care for 6 weeks and bangs every 3 months. Side bangs offer youthfulness instantaneously. My slogan is free botox bangs; it covers everything on the front! Colors Color Style All Patterns Formal