Flowering plants all year

Many plants have a unique time of year when they bloom, but not all plants have a flowering time of a few weeks or a few months. Although some have a specific stage in which their flowers shine and that must be taken into account when planting and growing them, there are others that are capable of having them during the 12 months of the year, although it may be that during some periods have more or less amount of flowers than in others.

Seeing how these plants bloom is much easier, since they can be planted at any time and you do not have to wait several months for them to have flowers. Their great resistance to variable temperatures gives them sufficient capacity to preserve them both in the cold and in the heat.

Don’t you know what the plants that bloom all year round? If you want to know several flowering plants all year and the basic care they require, at UNCOMO we recommend that you continue reading this article in which we have compiled 15 species.


One of the plants that bloom all year round is the geranium. Its popularity makes it one of the most viewed by all the houses and their respective terraces. In addition, it is perfect for those who are starting in the world of gardening, since it does not need much care to stay in good condition.

With watering geranium daily in the warmest months of the year, that is, in summer, it will be enough to preserve it properly. Add fertilizer periodically so that the plant has more organic matter and absorbs minerals and vitamins that help it strengthen.

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Flowering plants all year round - Geranium


The joy plant blooms for many months and it needs to be located in an area of ​​the home that is specially lit and protected from drafts. Have colorful flowers, between the colors of the joy flowers there are red, white and pink.

Watering this plant requires moderation, but without allowing its substrate to completely dry out. Keep in mind that joy tolerates excess water better than a prolonged lack of it, so when in doubt it is preferable to water it a little more than necessary.

Flowering plants all year round - Alegría


Purslane is a plant with different medical uses due to the properties contained in its leaves, stems and also yellow flowers. It is also used to decorate the home and is very resistant, so it has flowers all year round if it is located in areas with stable temperatures.

Watering purslane it requires a frequency of twice a week. Make sure that it perceives the contact of the solar rays during the day, at least a few hours.

Flowering plants all year round - Purslane


Between the outdoor plants with flowers all year round it’s found lavender, which stands out for its pleasant aroma used in different air freshener and hygiene and cosmetic products. The color of its flowers is of different violet and lilac tones, in fact there is a tone that is considered lavender itself. Lavender requires a series of care such as the following:

  • A watering frequency of twice a week.
  • Prune the plant once a month.
  • Fertilize it only in cases of extreme need with a low nitrogen fertilizer.

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Flowering plants all year round - Lavender


If you intend to give color to your garden with plants that bloom all year round, Begonia is one of the most indicated. The begonia flowers They are large or small, depending on the variety of the plant, and they come in different colors.

It requires some care such as lighting, since it needs to perceive a lot of light. So, try to place it in an area of ​​the home where it can be in contact with the sun. In addition, it regulates the watering in winter so as not to drown it and increases the frequency in summer, trying to dry the soil between waterings. As for the compost, add it once every 15 days.

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Flowering plants all year round - Begonia


The penta it’s a shrub with small flowers and of flowering that lasts many months. They can be red, pink, lilac, and white. Covering the basic care of the plant, its growth will be remarkable and will reach 60 cm.

Being a fairly resistant shrub, it does not need special care. A frequency of three irrigations per week and taking care of the correct drainage of the plant will be enough to keep it in good condition.

Flowering plants all year round - Penta


The verbena is another of the plants that has flowers all year round. Comply with the following basic care to give color to your terrace:

  • You need to continuously perceive sunlight.
  • You must water it daily in a moderate way.
  • Keep in mind that the period of greatest flowering of the plant goes from the end of spring to the end of summer. In these weather conditions it is maintained without problem, but it is also preserved in autumn and winter if its vital needs are covered.
Flowering plants all year round - Verbena

African violet

There’s also indoor plants with flowers all year round as is the case of the african violet. It must be located in a very bright area so that it can grow as much as possible.

The African violet requires three weekly waterings in summer and one watering in two weeks in winter. To make your flowers look resplendent, apply fertilizer every two weeks.

Flowering Plants All Year - African Violet


Cyclamen It is a very brightly colored plant with flowers during the 12 months of the year. As with verbena, its best flowering time is between spring and summer, but there are varieties of the plant that bloom more in winter. Among the most popular colors of cyclamen are white and pink. It requires irrigation with hot water and, despite needing good lighting, it should not be in direct contact with the sun.

Here we leave you several tips on How to care for a cyclamen.

Flowering plants all year round - Cyclamen


If you are looking direct sun plants that bloom all year round, this is one that you may like. Carnation It is a plant that can be grown both in the garden and in a pot and that has flowers throughout the year. In addition, the colors of its flowers are bright and cheerful. To take care of it, you must water it daily and try to expose it to the sun for at least 6 hours each day.

Flowering plants all year round - Clavelina

Goose flower

The goose flower is a tropical plant whose flowers are yellow and pink. Watering it twice a week and with a temperature that oscillates between 15 ºC and 20 ºC, it will develop correctly.

This plant needs to be located in a lighted area of ​​the home, but avoiding direct contact with the sun for many hours at a time.

Flowering plants all year round - Oca flower


Some ivies are year-round flowering plants. Ivy is a flowering climbing plant They can be small and yellow, white or of other colors, depending on the species. There are many species of ivy and some are more delicate and others are very resistant to a large thermal oscillation and the sun. As the most outstanding care, you should water it three times a week in summer and reduce it in winter. It is also important that it be paid in spring and summer with organic fertilizers.

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Flowering plants all year round - Ivy


Chrysanthemums are flowering plants all year round and resistant at extreme temperatures. They need moderate watering and their stage of greatest flowering begins in October and lasts until December. After this stage of great flowering, it is convenient to prune them: it will be easy since in December you will have a good part of the fallen flowers.

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Flowering plants all year round - Chrysanthemums


Although begins to bloom in spring, the hydrangea manages to keep its flowers alive during the great most months of the year, until the fall. So that hydrangea get to bloomIt needs to be watered daily in summer, so that it keeps the roots moist, and it also requires frequent pruning.

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Flowering plants all year round - Hydrangea


Abelia is one of the flowering plants all year characterized by height: it reaches practically one and a half meters. In addition, it is so resistant that it is able to acclimatize to different temperatures. Its flowering time is long, but it is especially noticeable in spring. For all this, it is an ideal outdoor plant to give color to your balcony, terrace or garden.

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Flowering plants all year round - Abelia

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