15 Lit Faux Hawk Fade

Fringing ends on a fake hawk gives the whole look a cool textured feel. It makes a very smooth transition with this one slowly falling into the fade.

Curly hair with Fade

Fade with Layout

It’s a long way to keep it bushy. This fake fade is one for the records with a spiky hair tattoo!

High Fade

It could very well form the face and make this look square. Try to play to make a flattering look for yourself with that result.

A with Barber This cut is the look and style of Marvel’s superhero. What I like most about this cut is growing the hair on top and finishing it off with the super sharp lines. Grow your hair and facial hair for a long time in order for the barber to work his magic. The products I’m using were New York Paste’s Slick Gorilla and Zorian.

fall Fade

Mid Fade

A with Owner / Artist This design requires minimal brand effort and would suit anyone with a busy schedule and a clean look for a statement. A clean flex that is effective.

Bald Fade

A with Hairdresser This look is a special combination of multiple haircuts attached to one – it’s a mohawk shadow fade and an old fashioned pompadour. My favorite thing about this haircut is the texture and the way it pushes its patterns into the center point of the head back. I just love the head contouring waves as they go back that you make when you fashion. The things I highly recommend are a matte finish root booster dust and some matte clay with some hairspray to finish the look and slick any fly-aways off.

Burst Fade

This cut is a fake hawk that is bursting. I love the idea of how dramatic the fade is and how it runs seamlessly over the darker and longer parts. This style works well from straight to super curly with any hair texture. It may not be exactly the same as the image, but the form can be accomplished and the same thing may fade. This gentlemen has naturally frizzy wavy hair in the picture, so I blow-dried it to be a little straighter. To begin with, I used some textured dust to build the volume and mess that I was looking for. Then I used to keep the overall shape and style with a textured paste. This hairstyle looks perfect with the look of a street style or if you’d like to dress up in a suit and tie.For trendy and fashionable guys, it’s fine. This style must always be clean and fresh, so every 3 weeks it needs to be cut. Even though it also grows very nicely. I’d say it works best for a guy with an oval or a round face in his square. Beards go beautifully with it stretching their heads. It’s perfect for all styles of hair – fine medium or coarse skin, but I’d say fine to medium works best because you’re capable of texture and motion. Coarse hair can be intimidating. I think somebody’s cool, modern-style, easy-going and even a businessman can do that. Skin Fade

A with Barber Skin Fade

A with Barber This look is perfect for the person who has an extra 5 to 10 minutes of blowing their hair dry enough to give it the right volume. For this type of look, I always suggest a matte finish. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it fits perfectly with any kind of traditional or trendy personality. Hair Style