14 Hottest Micro Braids to

I used extensions with white highlights from Expression color 27. I used NatureArgan Oil Edge Control Cream for the goods Let’s Jam Clean and Shine Gel a hair mousse with an extra firm lock and Pink Sheen Spray from Luster. Depending on the size and length, it takes 3 to 7 hours. As a result, having space and time to do a good job requires a lot of patience for the hairstylist. Book a day where you’re going to be safe is advisable. A blow-out may be necessary to achieve a flawless finish depending on the hair texture. The durability of the style is a good value for money, eight weeks depending on the condition of the skin. Thanks to its flexibility, the style is perfect for any hair texture. It is a good protective hairstyle in the sense that by using extensions, your natural hair is covered.

Micro Mini Braids

It’s very convenient to style in the evenings, even at dinner time. It’s low maintenance and every two weeks you just have to shampoo and place some anti-itch oil or moisturizer on the scalp to avoid dryness or scratching. This braiding is suitable for any type of hair. There are many different braiding types. Consult a stylist who can tell you the right braid style for your personality. For some who consider working in the corporate world, choose wisely as it does not work for the lifestyle of everybody. It is an attractive but highly functional look for consumers who want to take a break from textured relaxer perms and all the additives that include gray hair color services. It’s a style where you can breathe your scalp, and you can still look after your natural hair. Crochet Micro Braids

A with Celebrity Braider The versatility is my favorite part of this look. The ponytail can be a fun or structured bun, and the back can also hang loose with some curls or put them in a ponytail. This style is perfect for a safe edge hair client and for someone who is not nervous about their forehead or facial. This is a daring look without any face cover, so be prepared and willing to own it!

Micro Braids CurlyMicro Twist Braids

African women love the twists of Senegalese because it is elegant and classy. My favorite thing about it is a low-maintenance protective style. My advice is that this style should not be considered by a client with weak edges with very fine hair because it won’t look good and will cause more damage to its edges. This depends on the braider because it’s too close for some braiders! It’s handy as it’s lightweight. Kanekalon fibers such as Xpression hair made in Nigeria Senegal etc.

Straight Micro Braids

are the best hair to use for this style. The highlights we added to show that caramel effect are what I love most about these braids. When she first came she had just the dark brown color which I explained to her was so bland so we decided to make it pop. To make it more fun, we added color so we went pretty much with some highlights and made it into a braid box. This look is expected to have a lightweight and tensionless feeling when booking (not pulling or tight hair). With the current trend being the bun, these particular braids can be styled in many ways. Aa part of the hair pulled up and twisted into a small ball to rest with a rubber band on top of the head. You will always find a way to let it appear when you love what you do. These shops sell a lot of products, but none of them will define your love for something so passionate. I often pay attention to my clients ‘ hair texture, as some may need smaller braids, and some may need larger braids. In many cases, at that particular time, I try to find out what is always best for that person, but in my opinion, everybody can get box braids. Being an accomplished 16-year braider, you often get so excited about trying new things. I really love the box braids style. All Trends Formal