14 Fade haircuts for men

Taper Fade Hairstyle on Straight Hair

One of the best styles with a tapered fade is a flapped top that is perfect for texture creation.

The smooth shave is perfect when the abrupt part continues with a mini faux hawk.

High Fade Quiff

The duo never fails to impress! Sport the look of a male while keeping it chilling.

Afro Haircut

The gap in hair volume is remarkable in which the skin’s fade accentuates the body’s fro and vice versa.

Skin Fade


Skin Fade


Stylist Dario has done a wonderful job on this fade on the waves and layers.

What a graduated fade really requires is a great centerpiece.

High Top Fade Comb Over

Manage the pompadour by putting it on one side. Mousse it up and gloss it down and you have a dashing feel for yourself.

Taper Fade with Long Hair

A with Traditional Barber The high taper is a flexible fade which can be rocked with any hair texture and hair style – from waves to side sections or a man-bun as shown above. Everything I love about it is getting the best of both worlds. You get the impression of a mid / high skin fade from the front profile to the person, but you still have a clean line up around the face. Longer hair with a side part makes hair on top of an impressive fade. Try that! With this one, you can’t go wrong. Whether you want a buzz cut fohawk or a contour, this fade pairs nicely with all of them. Some of the bulk hair from around the back of the ear must be taken down to perform this cut properly, adding a slimmer front profile to your head. It’s the longest lasting one of all the tapers so you get the longevity of your money, but since it’s a taper if you decide you want to try a different look, you can do it in a short time and it’s easy to make the switch. Short crew cutting

A with Barber The blurry effect on the fade is my favorite thing about this haircut. Why I got a blurry fade is by using my clipper corners while fading to give it a grainy look to the fade. I just love how it turned out to be the haircut. I recommend people looking for this taper haircut fade if you always have to style your hair with items, particularly with this haircut comb-over. You’re more likely to hold a nice volume together than just let it fly over to the side. If you have a larger head shape, everybody has different head shapes, I suggest a longer length to the highest part of the fade. This creates a unique appeal to have longer hair like this. You want that box to look overall when you receive a comb-over haircut. Depending on the thickness of your hair and whether you like more of a bright look or dark look, but I prefer using clay for a strong hold and matt finish pomade for medium hold and medium shine and cream for medium hold and matt finish. If you style your hair and want more volume, I recommend first blow-drying your hair on the warm setting than touching it with cold setting to enable the touches of volume on your skin.

Press Haircut Back Taper