13 Best Medium Long Haircuts

Feathered Layers

It would be best to remove bulk and handle your hair easier if you have thick dense hair preferring a medium-length layered haircut. For any natural hair color and straight to wavy hair, it is an easy but perfect option.

Blonde is a perfect natural hair color because it covers every region exposing the scalp. Look with short to medium layers and the result will be textured and smooth.

Before and After Long Haircuts

A with Salon Owner Stylist This look is the perfect combination of professional and fun! The color is low-maintenance and a great way to incorporate delicate dull hair sizes. I love how you can make it smooth and shiny and turn it by adding texture spray and messing it up into a completely new look!

Edgy Modern Shag

A with Hairdresser This haircut is a modern 70s style rocker shag perfect for an effortlessly cool teen. The coolest part about this look with a mix of sweetness and edge is that it’s a statement for the girl who doesn’t just want to have pretty hair. Occasionally long or medium hair can get a bit boring so we added piecey bangs and wispy layered ends to lift her look from the ordinary. With long hair, she gets everything you’d like – density softness shine, but her look is just a little cooler than your long layers every day. Bring in the job of finding a stylist who specializes in haircutting and making the investment so you don’t have to spend a ton of time every day in your hair. Look for someone skilled in dry cutting or razor cutting to achieve the cool grittiness needed by this slice. Plan with your stylist to arrange bang trims if you want to keep the baby bangs, but also know that as it grows out, this fringe will also turn into a cool side sweep. If you have some wave, this hairstyle should work best as it is intended to dry air with a curl balm and spray wax to enhance your natural texture. If your hair is straight or curly you’ll just have to spend some time with your hot devices, you can still achieve this look.


If you style your hair every day or abandon the natural movement, this style is really adaptable. I still recommend Mythic Oil L’Oreal Salt Spray when wet to allow dry air to promote natural movement. The oil helps to stop the salt spray from frizz by encouraging a group of wave hairs to appear textured together. This is particularly useful when it comes to holidays in the humid weather! For heat skin, I would not have to use a brush to dry all the hair forward. Then I use straighteners to rotate the curls to dress up with my hands! Often, for a more relaxed look, I will straighten the bottom inch or so. I find that this design goes with most of the shapes of the face and I use the bones of the collar as a length guide! It’s a great way to make sure a long bob is flattering.

Thin Hair Perfect Length

A with Cosmetology Student This is a solid shape of one length. My client actually had a perm that was mostly cut out but there remained some of the texture to give it that beautiful wave. The best thing about this look is how simple it is but how chic it is.

Beachy Wavy Hair

A with long haircuts from Colourist Stylist is all about effortless living-in hair. To order to increase density and build movement, this collarbone-length lob is internally textured and coated. As far as the color is concerned, I wanted to optimize the dimension and allow smooth growth by using textural highlights and a root shadow. Note the thickness of your own hair and the natural tone. A more blunt haircut should be considered for clients with very fine hair. For most people, however, this look will fit. The best thing about this color and cut is that the maintenance is very low. I’d expect this customer to grow beautifully up to three times a year. Aftercare is critical though, and I suggest using Olaplex daily and a toning treatment like Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care to all my blonde clients to optimize color durability and health. Lovely Long Layers with Studio Owner / Stylist