Cancelation of ‘ Braxton Family Values ‘? Chelsea Stewart More Articles February 20 2020 Toni Braxton and her love family liveIt’s considered by some to be a must-see TV and a staple in homes around the world. But is this running its course? A recent report says that the show’s future may be in danger, and that the end may close. Here’s what you need to know. Figure 1 Evelyn Braxton Tamar Braxton Braxton Toni Braxton Trina Braxton and Towanda Braxton on the red carpet in 2013 Kotinsky / Getty Images

‘ Braxton Family Values ‘ is in danger of being cancelled report says

On February 19 a source told the Jasmine Brand entertainment website that things don’t look too good for the show. It was confirmed that the show had received higher ratings than its predecessor in the sixth and most recent season, making it appear as if the show was in good standing. But they may not have been as big as WE tv executives might have wanted, yet.

That’s not the only problem though

The source also said that there are contractual problems outside ratings. Furthermore, they found out that Tamar Braxton “is no longer in contract with them.” It’s uncertain why, but in the last season, the singer “Love and War” had major problems with her sister Traci Braxton. Neither WE tv nor the reality stars have discussed the article at the time of writing. Figure 2 Tracy Braxton Trina Braxton and Tawanda Braxton pose in 2016 to discuss the ‘ Braxton Family Values ‘ Donna Ward / Getty Images

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