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Will Yahoo take back?Wendy Michaels June 06, 2019 The Jonas Brothers had quite a career to focus on and, despite all their successes, the break-up and their subsequent reconciliation had to be one or two regrets. While the choice to wear rings of purity certainly ranks high on the list, their Disney Channel really reveals they want to pass on. Figure 1 Nick Jonas Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The Jonas Brothers got their own show After the brothers starred at Camp Rock the Disney Channel offered them an original series called JONAS in which they themselves played semiautobiographical versions. A second exhibition season aired in 2010 called JONAS L.A. Before the cancellation. The Jonas Brothers agree in their new documentary Chasing Joy that JONAS L.A. Upon Nick admitting it was unfortunate: we shouldn’t have done that. Our growth has really stunted you know? I just feel like it was a bad move. He added: This wasn’t just the time. Despite of this we don practically t evolve. Joe also shared that “the show was not successful, adding that it no longer felt like we were. It felt young and we were seeing adults again. Kevin had to admit that the show with the band we were becoming the songs we were writing wasn’t on target for us. He explained I think it affected the band’s impression we were a joke. They don’t really re. They return to robots. The rings of purity became a joke

The Jonas Brothers also discussed why they wore rings of purity and how they eventually realized that they made a mistake as Joe explained: In the Church we were advised to go through this programme. It was like waiting for the right guy, or waiting to get married. All the kids I grew up with were doing it so I was pretty cool like Yeah. At one point he had a realization that it no longer made sense to him Possibly by 15 I was like What?! What is this, then? And that was not who we were when we were young kids it was just something we did. But we brought the rings through the band’s first bit beginning to burst. It was already too late at that point, because it was in the papers. Kevin added that we had all the success and it was the only thing we could hear or concentrate on was what people were telling us.